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Autist Support Group

When: Every other Wednesday evening 6pm-7:30pm Eastern Standard Time * (Dates listed below)

Where: Virtual group via Google Meet

Who: Autistic Adults who live in Michigan and Idaho

How do I join
Email me starting in December at and request to join the Autist Support Group. I interview folks interested in the group to assess their goals and overall fit for the group. You do not have to be my client to attend group I started offering groups to increase my capacity since I cannot take on more individual clients. After the interview, you'll sign a consent form/fee agreement. 


I will be uploading a copy of the consent form for folks to review. The consent form covers the limits of confidentiality, request that folks keep things in the group private, and boundaries related to trauma dumping in the group. The consent form also asks people to specifically consent to disclosing their email to other group members. This serves two functions: 1) Agendas with resources related to group topics are sent prior to group (along with the meeting link) and 2) this allows folks easy access to socialize outside of group.


This is a "pay what works for you" sliding scale group. I have had people pay $50/session and folks pay $0/session. If your income is higher than $100,00 please consider paying $80/ session. I generally trust people to know what their budget will allow. Since group meets twice a month, $50/session would mean $100/month. What's in your monthly budget? When you meet with me please give me a specific number. If you budget allows $20/session say that. I don't ask for proof of income or for folks to justify their budget to me. I think folks understand that this is my livelihood. Everyone contributes what they can. I tend to keep $0/session spots limited.


Initial Session Agenda

  • Grounding Exercise of some kind (optional, this is not required, it helps me as the facilitator feel grounded)

  • Check-in (Name, Pronouns, cheesey ice breaker)

  • Discussion of collective group agreements, opportunities for people to ask for what they need from the group to establish safety and comfort

  • Intermission (bathroom/water break)

  • Resume discussion

  • What are we working on next week? (there's a list of group topics available, we can roll the dice or the group picks one)

  • Grounding (optional, helps me transition from work)

Typical Group Norms

  • Cameras do not need to be on 

  • Muting yourself when not speaking helps minimize sound feedback

  • Listening is participating

  • Texting in the chatbox is encouraged

Sign up begins in August 2024

Email me with this contact form or at to interview with me for group

Thanks for submitting!

Last update performed June 2024

Winter 2024 Dates

January 10th
January 24th
February 7th
February 21st
March 6th
March 20th
April 3rd
April 17th

Fall 2024 Dates*

September 4th

September 18th

October 2nd

October 16th

October 30th

November 13th

November 27th

December 11th

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