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Autism Affirming Assessments


I still believe self-identification is a social justice issue. There are not enough assessment providers + the mental health profession has weaponize insurance and the DSM against us to gatekeep our neurotype. I decided to pursue making assessments available when I learned it was within the scope of my license to assess with the MIGDAS. I also understand I am one person in a very large + punishing system.

What to expect?

​Assessment consists of:

  • Completion of a google form that is an intake evalution. The google form is HIPAA compliant.

  • Completion of tests through Embrace Autism. Specifically the RAADS-R, RB-Q2A, & CAT-Q

  • MIGDAS assessment completed over 2 virtual sessions.

I will also be asking you questions about childhood development. Gathering information from your family (blood or chosen), friends, + caregivers (which includes teachers, coaches, pastors) especially those who knew you as a child can be incredibly helpful to the assessment. You can also review childhood documentation such as diaries.

The caregiver questionnaire is no longer required for diagnosis.

Affirming Assessment

I'm an Autistic Therapist who was diagnosed late in life at 34. The diagnosis included a children's book. I'm not going to use that assessment.

I'm going to strive to write an Affirming Assessment document. My goal with this document is that you can use it when you doubt yourself to affirm your identity. You may also give it to your PCP, psychiatrist, or therapist if you want to incorporate that into your care.


Good Faith Estimate for an Autism Assessment is $400 for the assessment period + $300 for the time it takes to review your documentation and take time to write an assessment.

This is $700 total. I can bill you one total bill up front, or you can pay $200 for each interview and $300 for the assessment (paying in installments).

I have made a commitment that every 4th assessment I will do for sliding scale or free. Ask if I have availability.


This will be a queer + gender affirming assessment. You get to tell me who you are.

I've been working with the trans community for years and questioned my own gender identity especially as an Autistic person. I'm also queer/bisexual and have been part of the community since I was a teenager. I was a founding member of an LGBT center in Traverse city.

How long does this take?

  • Appointments are available every other Wednesday. You book an appointment or email me. I will reach out via email to confirm times and instructions.

  • You will receive forms you must complete prior to your appointment. They are lengthy. I would assume it will take you anywhere from 2-5 hours to complete this paperwork.

  • Assessment requires two sessions that are 2 hours long each, a total of 4 hours.

  • Completion of additional tests should take about an hour. These tests are: the RAADS-R, QAT-Q, and RB-Q2A.

  • It takes me 1-3 months (spoons pending) to complete an assessment which is directly emailed to you + available by the portal.

This is not covered by insurance.


Schedule Your Assessment

Click here to schedule an assessment through the portal

Select "Affirming Autism" for your appointment type.

I've had many people book "consultation." Consultations are when I provide professional advice to colleagues.

I do not provide consultations as listings like Psychology Today use the term, to imply a free first meeting.

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