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Images have links to relevant website and contact pages, where available.

Neurodivergent, queer, kinky, poly, folks of the global majority all have to screen providers for appropriate fit and skillset. Many of these providers have appropriate skills related to neurodivergence, the LGBTQ community, are kinky/poly aware, and have demonstrated a commitment to anti-racist frameworks in therapy. Here is a list of questions made by Sonny Jane Wise you can use to determine if a mental health professional is neurodiversity affirming.

That doesn't mean these providers never make mistakes. Conflict in relationships is normal. Please understand that recommendation of a provider or organization does not mean that they have never made an error. It does mean that I trust them to pursue reasonable repair of errors. Please refer to my transformative justice resources on accountability and rupture repair if you have experienced harm from any provider or a provider from this referral list.

Folks with an infinity symbol on their profile are neurodiversity competent/affirming.

Folks with a pink triangle symbol on their profile are competent with queer issues related to sexual orientation.


Folks with a trans pride heart symbol on their profile are competent with trans issues and willing to write letters for hormones or surgery.


This page was updated June 2022


I know someone really good!

Let me know if you know of a local organization or provider I should share with others. Copy + Paste the template to the below email:
Name of Person or Organization: 
What do they do? 
What makes them so great? 
Preferred picture (attach one if you want, or let me choose) 

Self-promotion is fine!


Organizations need to be based in Michigan or allow Michiganders to participate.

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