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Autism + ADHD

Information & possibility models for Autism + ADHD


Assessment Resources
If you suspect you’re autistic, this website was created by autistic folks and has assessments that are used to diagnose. It is not the same as having a diagnosis, but it could be useful in self-identification, especially since diagnosis can be expensive and inaccessible.

"Hold up, I just wanna figure out if I have ADHD" there's some checklists for that.

I now perform assessments. Here's all the info.

Bright Pine, Dr. Kat Lewitzke located in Clarkston and West Bloomfield, Michigan

Complete Neuropsychology Services
2010 Hogback Road, Suite 6G
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Dr. Leslie Green, Psychologist,
755 W Big Beaver Rd, Suite 414
Troy, MI 48084-4900

Bronwyn Murray, PsyD of Ann Arbor

Ph: 734-845-4361


Much of what autistic people struggle with is allistic bias against us. It's pretty well documented. Search terms when looking for this research include "thin-slice judgment" + "autism" or "autism spectrum disorder." The research page has a few things to check out. I hope to continue to keep things there over time as I find them.


Resource page for Autistic Catatonia


Body Doubling Discord Server Common Studio
Communications Guidelines — NEUROMANCERS (  --> I do chill in this server!
Neuromancers is a server that's dedicated to autistic, adhd, audhd, neurodivergent folks who need a peer support space online.

Disboard allows you to find discord servers looking for folks to join! Here is a link to ones with the autism tag.

Reddit has multiple subs like:

r/AutisticPride which also has a link to an autistic discord server




I think that self-identification, self-diagnosis, whatever you wish to call it, is a disability justice issue. Folks have a right to self-identify as autistic not only because assessments are currently inaccessible but there is also an argument to be made that it’s a little weird allistic people get to gatekeep our neurotype.

Here is a relevant link: Self-Diagnosed-Adult-Autism-Resources-handout-04.05.21.pdf (

Copy of RememberGoingOut.png

I love to make beautiful affirmation screens and coping tools for folks. If you're a colleague who wants tools for Autistic clients made by an autistic therapist please support my ko-fi. Anyone can support my store.

I've also made coping affirmations for Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria, remember screens that are more focused on folks who stay at home often, and as well as nonverbal communication tools.


Medication for ADHD

Focus Partners | Trusted Online ADHD Treatment For You (  this is a subscription based model and I have no personal experience with them, it was sent to me by an autistic person
Done. ADHD Managed | ADHD Treatment Made Just For You (

ADHD Online - Certified ADHD Diagnosis By Licensed Psychologists

Last update for this page performed September 2023

Resource Hubs 


NeuroClastic is a great resource. It’s made for Autistic folks by Autistic folks!

There are many different perspectives on there and lots of resources.
The 101 article is very useful.

This article also explains how the spectrum is not a linear phenomena.

Neurodivergent love languages.
The article Very Grand Emotions is one that I continually point people toward.
Terra Vance created a Guide that is incredibly useful when introducing folks to the concept / experience of Autism.


Autastic is another resource hub. They have resources like ASD friendly podcasts, tips on what to put in your sensory kit and a few ideas on how to help you sleep. The website is overwhelmingly white for some reason, which I find personally overwhelming, however it's not as text based which might be easier to navigate if you are more visual.

Possibility Models

Below are a few Possibility Models. I also created a Possibility Models page in order to highlight folks with different intersections of identity.

28 Ways to Make the World Less Hostile to Mad, Neurodivergent, & Psychiatrically Disabled People is a zine by Kaz deWolfe, Emily Sheera Cutler, Matt Perry, Jess Stohlmann-Rainney, and Andy Collings.

Yo Samdy Sam youtube channel. Late in life diagnosed woman and parent who makes a lot of informational videos on autism. She also offers a community discord and other services for a fee. In this 15 minute video she describes her ideas on gender and autism, pushes against the binary. Sam is a white woman, often with hair dyed purple or pink (it changes through videos) and her backgrounds in videos feature her bedroom from different angles and sometimes a sheet backdrop. In the above video she is blonde, wearing glasses, in green overalls and in a salmon colored room with a plant in the background.

Kim shares resources for coping with adhd, autism, anxiety and bipolar disorder at her Instagram @differently.brained

Connor Dewolfe talks about his brain on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. He is autistic and has DAVE...ADHD.

KC Davis is a therapist who talks openly about ADHD on Instagram & TikTok. Here is her website.

Lydia X. Z. Brown of Autistic Hoya describes themselves: "I'm a writer, dreamer, organizer, builder, advocate, attorney, activist, strategist, educator, trainer, consultant, and speaker. I work in grassroots organizing, public policy advocacy, and writing focused on disability justice and intersectionality." They also created emergency disclosure cards for folks who are nonverbal. Here is a pdf link, it includes instructiosn to print for free, and you can pay them for their labor for some professionally printed cards.

Sarai Pahla giving a TED talk on her experience of Autism. The video is 16 minutes long. Sarai is a Black woman with an afro, aviator sunglasses in her hair, standing on a TED talk stage in a purple dress and grey cardigan. She talks about her experiences being dismissed as autistic and her experiences dating.

Sonny Jane in their own words: "I’m an autistic ADHDer as well as physically disabled with EDS and RA and I also have past and ongoing lived experience with BPD, Bipolar and navigating the mental health system and suicide." Here is a link to their website which has helpful worksheets.

True Node Resources


I am now able to provide Affirming Autism Assessments. Please click below for more info.


Information on catatonia and catatonia-like states for autistic individuals, who are more likely to suffer from an intermittent form of catatonia than one that is acute or malignant.


Autism Support Group

January - April

Wednesday (every other week) from 6-7:30 p.


If you are a colleague who wants to learn more about Autism, request a consult with me.


If you have access to academic journals, this will be less interesting and comprehensive. It's a slow building research reference library for mysel

Read More >

Sensory Aids

A starting point for you to think about meeting your sensory needs in a different way.

Possibility Models

More Autists and Autistic Orgs

Dear Doctor

An open letter to any doctor or medical professional to facilitate the communication process between you and your Autistic patient.


Sensory Area

Below are links to Neruoclastic articles on Sensory Processing

A review of an article on Sensory Trauma

Sensory Survival. An article about overwhelm, meltdowns, and hypersensitivity.

On Sense and Sensitivity.

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