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My fee is $175 per hour

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Fee Form

Therapy Sliding Scale

At this time Sliding Scale therapy slots are closed.

1. Review your budget. Open your banking app. Make an actual monthly budget based on what you spent last month.
Here is an ADHD friendly resource for budgeting.

2. If that number was less than $100/month I will be best able to support you with group therapy

3. Know that sliding scale slots are sometimes biweekly spots. I can choose to offer very few weekly spots or offer more spots that meet less frequently. I chose to offer more spots. 

4. When you reach out for therapy please tell me that you need sliding scale services and your budget. I will then place you on the sliding scale waitlist.


I am in network for Blue Cross Blue Shield + Blue Care Network.

I am actively pursuing credentialing with Blue Cross Complete and I'm waiting to hear back.

Please see my FAQ page regarding superbills.

Late Cancellation Fee

Late cancellation and no show fees are part of my fee agreements. I require 24 hours notice for you to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If you give less than 24 hours notice $175 is due. You may not need or be able to see me for that session. My needs for survival do not change.

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Autism Assessment Fees

$400 for 2 interview sessions ($200/for each interview)

$300 for the write up.

$700 total.

If you email me requesting sliding scale for Autism Assessment without naming your budget that is probably the first question I will ask you. Have an idea of what you can afford to pay me.

At this time Sliding Scale slots for Autism Assessments are scheduled very far out.

Last update to fees page performed February 2023.

I do not send people to debt collection. 

In order to feed myself and continue to provide care that requires the following boundary: if you have a balance over $100 we set up a payment plan. If you have a balance over $500 with no payment plan in place I no longer have a weekly space for you. We either need to talk about as needed appointments or referring out. This policy is covered in my fee form.

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