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Resources for those in crisis mode


If you are experiencing thoughts of wanting to die or wishing you were no longer on this planet and would like another human being to be with you while you are suffering, you can call the numbers below. If you call 9-1-1 you do risk activating police presence. The numbers and websites below are better about avoiding 9-1-1 or asking for your consent before activating that service.

What is 988?

The number to call when you're experiencing a mental health crisis. --> This will activate "active rescue" which means police will respond unless your local area has set up an unarmed crisis response that does not partner with police. Below are resources to learn more about the 988 roll out:

  • NAMI's Reimagining Crisis page has an FAQ about 988

  • Call for Help podcast is a deep dive into how 988 works + the state of mental health infrastructure (very triggering, very good information)


Harm Reduction

A guide to cutting your body and managing scars from a harm reduction standpoint. Download PDF.

Hurting Yourself is a zine published by the Icarus Project. It is also a harm reduction guide that is meant to challenge our arbitrary definitions of self-injurious behaviors as dangerous and what are socially acceptable. PDF

Coming off psychiatric medications: if you lose insurance coverage or are stuck for any reason needing to get off psychiatric medications fast, please read this guide from the Icarus Project.


Don't think. Click.
For when you can't think through what you should do to take care of yourself.


Cereal for Dinner is a website that meets you where you're at when you're depressed and low energy


Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Check out this 60 second video for some brief vagus nerve stimulation exercises to help you exit flight/fight mode:

The Coping Skills worksheet below also has some tips


Basic Resource Search Engine

is the equivalent of 2-1-1 as a search engine. No need to wait for office hours or talk to a human being. Put your zip code into the website and you'll be able to find assistance from non-profits, state programs, and churches with food, utilties, transit, and sometimes housing. These often require proof of need or other barriers. 

Mutual aid

I firmly believe that the only way we will survive as a species in the next 20 years will be through radical acts of mutual aid. Through the uprisings of 2020 Mutual Aid organizations sprouted throughout the nation. Here are some links from communities where my clients come from and you can plug "mutual aid" + your city or county into a search engine. A facebook group or website will likely come up. These groups often are connected to food rescues and can support other resource needs.

Nationwide search engine app for submitting requests and offers for mutual aid!

Substance Use

If you're scared you're going to drink and would like to talk to someone you can find a virtual AA meeting

or SMART recovery meeting, which is also a peer support group, but has a different model than AA. Find a local meeting

And their main page:

This is a useful app for quitting a habit or substance

If you are interested in rehab in Ann Arbor I recommend

If you need more resources related to drugs there is a separate page dedicated specifically to those resources



If you  have missed a rental payment or have a conflict with a landlord please seek out help immediately! Use the link above for housing help especially for mortgage help and the link below for tenant's rights

Eviction defense is the community defending neighbors from homelessness and demanding redistribution of resources to keep humans housed.  

Intimate partner / Domestic / Family violence

If you are located in Washtenaw County and need help leaving a partner please contact Safe House

Help! My phone broke

If you qualify for EBT you also qualify for a government-subsidized (paid for with taxes) smart phone!
Lifeline Phone Service | Assurance Wireless

Image by Fabian Wiktor

Who is this for?

Everyone. Anyone who finds this website and would like these resources and current clients who can't find the thing they wrote down from session. I work with people who have executive dysfunction. Sometimes this means information falls down a wormhole (out of sight, out of mind). In crisis mode it can be hard to think. Your amygdala takes over and works to eliminate the threat. When we're in crisis we are seeking way stations of safety.

This is normal and part of being human. If you are a client who clicked on this page please find your safety plan. If you are a visitor please take whatever you need to regulate and survive.

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