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Prison and police abolition resources


Educational materials to learn how to combat internalized and systemic racism

Autism Research

Research I've personally found on Autism and an AASPIRE poster I created. Obviously not a replacement for those who work in academia with greater access to journals.

Autism + ADHD

Resources for autism assessment, sensory defense, Autism affirming access, ADHD medication resources, etc. This page is updated regularly and used to be called Neurodivergence. This title is more accurate. At some point ADHD will get it's own page.

Autistic Catatonia

If there's a decent resource for Autistic catatonia it's probably on this resource page. Autistic catatonia is distinct from that associated with mood disorders.

Autism Assessments

I still believe self-identification is a social justice issue. There are not enough assessment providers + the mental health profession has weaponized insurance and the DSM against us to gatekeep our neurotype. I pursued making assessments available when I learned it was within the scope of my license to assess with the MIGDAS.

Autistic Possibility Models

Autistic people doing their thing. It can be helpful for people to see what is "possible" regarding Autism.

Dear Doctor

An open letter to any doctor or medical professional to facilitate the communication process between you and your Autistic patient.


Resources for disability justice + accessibility help


Sobriety support & Harm Reduction resources


I create continuing education courses for Social Workers / Mental Health providers. Below is a link to the website where I plan to house materials aimed at my colleagues. This is the internet though so if you want to look I'm not checking credentials.

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Coming Soon

Community Care

Decolonization Resources


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Fat acceptance (self-compassion) and fat liberation (advocacy) resources

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Food and Intuitive Eating resources


A gathering of all the books + articles in one spot. Some you can directly download and read. Still under construction but meant to contain all written materials mentioned.


LGBTQ+ resources

Gender affirming surgery information


Formerly the covid-19 resources page this has been re-named the plague page since it's unclear of monkey pox will be contained. We also continue to get things like boil notices and we're in the age of antibiotic resistant disease.

Sex & Kink

Resources for sexual and relationship well being


Options for sensory protection.


Folks who are neurodivergent, disabled, fat, queer,  or gender minorities are statistically  at higher risk for trauma. When society devalues your identity and trains people to treat you poorly it only stands to reason that we're more likely to be caught in the crosshairs for abuse. 

Abuse is never a target's fault. Understanding your agency is important to freeing yourself from abuse of power.


Mental health, health care, or other providers I personally trust or have received good feedback from.

I will be creating a different page to collect group support resources under Community Care. The below link is primarily focused on individual therapy referrals.


This page was created May 2023 to update the previous resource page. I will likely leave up the old page because many folks link to it or share it.

If you have feedback for this page or other resources to add let me know at

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