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Accessibility Support +
Disability Advocacy Resources


Education + Ideas

University of Michigan's Anti-Ableist conference

10 Principles of Disability Justice by Sins Invalid

Spoon Theory! The original post and why a lot of disabled folks might call themselves spoonies. You might be looking for this post as a way to explain to someone your need to “manage” your energy levels.

woah someone made a searchable mega database already for accommodations thank God I don't have to (JAN - Job Accommodation Network ( Here is a resource from AskJan about what is "sufficient" regarding medical documentation. 

Thriving Autism has webinars and one is on Neurodiversity in the workplace.

Templates for accommodations at work/school and and ESA letter. Colleagues, if you decide to use this language consider tipping me. If you found this page on the internet and need to give this to your therapist or medical provider, I hope they find this tool helpful and good job advocating for yourself. This button is a PDF 3 download.

Assistive Tech

Michigan Assistance Technology Program will send you assistive tech for you to test drive for free! Being disabled is expensive and now you can make sure the device is worth the purchase.


If you are not already on #DisabilityTwitter I would encourage you to join! If you’re disabled you can gain a wealth of knowledge about existing symptoms, accessibility and treatment ideas. If you’re abled then you can do a lot to educate yourself by reading what others say (listen).

Detroit Disability Power is a local organization. I’m a dues-paying member. They’ve done things like fight for greater access for the Covid-19 vaccine (among other things). They run free groups on Sundays! [I’m not sure how that’s funded but they seem great. Dues can be sliding scale]



Useful self-help courses and articles for folks who have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue/ME


They also have a specific way of looking at managing your illness that’s slightly different from spoon theory and specifically acknowledges that having stressors in your life and feeling emotions spends energy! Reducing stress is important as well as finding ways to acknowledge and move through feelings in a way that’s less taxing on your system



Disability  [ Social Security Disability Income ]  

How to Get On is an amazing resource hub for applying for social security disability, finding home health aids, find affordable housing, and how to lead a great life while disabled.

Hidden Lead

I had no idea lead was in vintage dishes and it can cause many health issues. Lead is in more than paint and it can cause health issues. Please check out this resources and check your dishes!
Here's an article about lead from the EPA.
Here are resources for Wayne county related to lead in water.


Support Animals

HUD page on Assistance Animals
Bazelon Center Fair Housing info sheet on ESAs


The box above (on mobile this looks different) is an image of a business card one can print out as a nonverbal communication tool. This link goes to my ko-fi shop where you can purchase the canva link to even more color options for those cards. The card is also a button to my ko-fi shop.


On the left is an image that you can save to your phone. You can either keep it in a special place in your gallery of images, save it as a background or keep it as your lock screen. If it's your lock screen all you have to do is lock your phone and you'll have a communication tool for when you start to lose your speech.

If purple isn't your color or you want to support me, you can purchase this lock screen in multiple colors from my ko-fi shop. Clicking the image to the left also takes you to the shop.

Michigan mutual aid project forthcoming.

Image by Liam Briese

Resource sharing is disabled mutual aid

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