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Aboltion and Transformative Justice Resources

Mariame Kaba We Do This Til We Free Us

Ruth Wilson Gilmore Interview (economy of mass incarceration + Golden Gulag)

A google document created by Miriame Kaba that serves as an "access point" for beginning Abolition

Clementine Morrigan writes deeply about abolition, collective care, attachment and many things. Here is a link to her instagram and her linktree.

Resources for Abolition from Critical Resistance

So is this Actually an Abolitionist Proposal or Strategy? resources from NIA, Critical Resistance, + Interrupting Criminalization

Community safety

Detroit Safety Team is a group dedicated to community safety. From their web page "In collaboration with the communities we work with, we build safety infrastructures by weaving together proactive and responsive practices."

Conflict Skills

In it together link to a pdf document

Learn deescalation skills for free with Visit their harassment training calendar or check out their online harassment resources google document.

Heart Mob offers support to folks enduring online abuse. Here's their social media guide.

Prison / parole support

No Name Book Club

Trust Your Neighbors (Not the Cops)

This piece in Teen Vogue is about how Law and Order Taught Americans to Root for the Police by Olayemi Olurin

True Crime is Rotting Our Brains article by Emma Berquist

You're Wrong About True Crime with Emma Berquist

This page was last updated May 2022


Abolish Carceral Social Work

*Asynchronous recording coming soon
Sliding scale is available and proceeds are donated

This course is approved by the NASW-Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative

Approval # 121421-04 - 4 credit hours - CEUs

Type of course: Live Synchronous, Asynchronous

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